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Interest rate (per day)

1.40% - 1.90%

Loan Tenure

2 - 31 days

Approval Duration

Up to 60 minutes

Min. monthly income


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SMARTCASH is a specialist on-line provider of short-term cash loans. We offer the cheapest short-term, unsecured, loans available in New Zealand from any lender who specialises in payday loans online. Coupled with our responsible lending criteria, this helps you to borrow money that you are able to repay. Our loans are for a maximum term of 31 days.

SMARTCASH’s short-term loans are only available online. This makes us different to shopfront lenders. We offer loans from $100 to $500 for a minimum term of 2 days and a maximum term of 31 days. We arrange repayment of your short-term loan to coincide with your paydays, which makes us a specialist provider of payday loans, also known in the market as payday advances or cash advances. Most importantly, SMARTCASH offers the lowest interest rate and lowest overall costs of any online specialist payday lender in New Zealand. This means you pay less for your short-term loan when you take out a payday loan from SMARTCASH.

At SMARTCASH we want you to be able to take out a loan from us that you are able to pay back within the loan period. That’s why we offer a daily interest rate of 0.99% on your loan and the lowest overall cost of any online payday lender. See the Compare Our Rates table to see how much cheaper we are.